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April 28, 2016

The Kress Program in Paintings Conservation at New York University's Institute of Fine Arts brings together two of the Kress Foundation's key programmatic commitments. It provides a wide range of conservation services to the dozens of regional and campus museums which collectively steward the Kress Collection of Old Master paintings and sculpture, some of which may not be in a position to secure such services locally. It also provides a unique training opportunity for graduate art conservation students wishing to learn about the study and conservation of Old Master paintings.

Hosted for more than twenty years by the IFA Conservation Center, this program is directed by its founder, Dianne Dwyer Modestini, Conservator of the Kress Program in Paintings Conservation and consulting conservator to the Kress Collection. Our friends at the IFA Conservation Center have just published an enjoyable and illuminating interview with Professor Modestini about her life and work – and the life and work of her late husband, Mario Modestini (d.2006), who served as curator and conservator of the Kress Collection for many decades starting in 1949. We encourage all friends of the Kress Foundation to read “The Woman Behind The Manuscript