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Meditation of Saint Jerome IIIF Get a closer view of this artwork
Meditation of Saint Jerome (c. 1520-25)
Meditation of Saint Jerome (c. 1520-25)
Public Domain
Benvenuto Tisi da Garofalo
Artist Dates
Artist Nationality
Meditation of Saint Jerome
c. 1520-25
tempera on panel
51.1 x 60.3 cm (20-1/4 x 23-3/4 in)
K Number
New Orleans Museum of Art
Accession Number


(Count Alessandro Contini Bonacossi [1878-1955] Rome-Florence); sold to Samuel H. Kress [1863-1955] on 16 June 1937; gift to the National Gallery of Art in 1939; deaccessioned in 1952 and returned to the Samuel H. Kress Foundation; gift to New Orleans Museum of Art in 1961, no. 61.78.

Catalogue Entry

Benvenuto Tisi da Garofalo
Meditation of Saint Jerome

New Orleans, La., Isaac Delgado Museum of Art (61.78), since 1953.(1) Wood. 20 1/4 X 23 3/4 in. (51.1 X 60.3 cm.). Good condition except for some restorations and blistering surface. The influence of L'Ortolano has been credited for the unusual display of furnishings in the saint's out-of-door retreat,(2) while Dosso Dossi's style characterizes the trees and distant view. K1111 probably dates from Garofalo's early maturity, about 1520/25; the treatment of the figure is more accomplished and suave, yet no less sincere, than is that of the same saint in Garofalo's Madonna of the Clouds (Pinacoteca, Ferrara), of 1514. Provenance: Contini Bonacossi, Florence. Kress acquisition, 1937 – exhibited: National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. (473), 1941-51;(3) after entering the Isaac Delgado Museum: 'Religion in Painting,' Arkansas Arts Center, Little Rock, Ark., Dec. 7, 1693-Jan. 30, 1964, no. 14, as Garofalo.


(1) Catalogue by W. E. Suida, 1953, p. 42, and by P. Wescher, 1966, p. 42, as Garofalo. (2) R. Longhi, Officina ferrarese, 1956, pp. 156 f. Except that the picture of the Madonna and Child is missing, essentially the same accessories are shown in Garofalo's Penitent St. Jerome, dated 1524, in the Berlin Museum. Other critics who have attributed K1111 to Garofalo are B. Berenson, G. Fiocco, F. M. Perkins, W. E. Suida, A. Venturi (in ms. opinions), A. Neppi (Il Garofalo, 1959, p. 29), and G. Mazzariol (Il Garofalo, 1960, pp. 23 f.). (3) Preliminary Catalogue, 1941, pp. 73 f., as Garofalo.

Catalogue Volume

Italian Paintings XV – XVI Century