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Giovanni Bellini

c. 1430/1435-1516

Called also Giambellino. Venetian School. Born c. 1430; died 1516. Giovanni was the son of Jacopo Bellini and the brother of Gentile. He was probably taught chiefly by his father; but he was early influenced by his brother-in-law, Andrea Mantegna, and by Donatello. His long career was one of the most significant for Venetian art, and it is impossible to tell how much, in later life, he was influenced by Giorgione and Titian in the transition from sculptural to pictorial, lyrical style, and how much he influenced them. His employment of assistants heightens the difficulty of distinguishing the paintings executed entirely or largely by him from those to which he contributed little more than his supervision and, at times, also his signature.
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