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Cecco Bravo


Francesco Moltelatici, called Cecco Bravo, probably because of his expression of vehement movement. Florentine School. Born 1607; died 1661. He developed under the influence of sixteenth-century Florentine painters, of Correggio and Parmigianino, and, finally, of the Venetians and Flemings, arriving at a remarkably individual and brilliant style. He was active, chiefly in Florence, from 1625, and at the ducal court at Innsbruck during his last two years. It is only recently that he has regained an appreciation comparable to that of his own day. Frescoes, oil paintings, and numerous drawings by him are now known. Among the paintings confidently included in his oeuvre are some formerly attributed to such masters as Furini and Mazzoni.
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