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Biagio d'Antonio

c. 1446-1516

Florentine School. Active 1476-1504. A follower of Verrocchio and Ghirlandaio, he was in Faenza in 1476-83 and again in 1504. The stylistically consistent oeuvre now believed to be his was at first attributed to Andrea Utili da Faenza (active 1481-1502) and later to Giovanni Battista Utili (documented 1503-15 and now identified as Giovanni Battista Bertucci).(1) References: (1) The identification of Biagio d'Antonio and his style is largely due to C. Grigioni (Pittura faentina, 1935, pp. 194 ff.; 721 ff.), A. Corbara (in Melozzo da Forlì, July 1938, pp. 210 f.), and E. Golfieri and A. Corbara (in Atti e Memorie dell' Accademia ... La Colombaria, 1947, pp. 435 ff.; reprint in Il Piccolo (Faenza), 1947, pp. 3 ff.). The master's oeuvre coincides in the main with that of B. Berenson's 'Utili.'
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