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Alessandro Magnasco


Genoese School. Born, 1667; died 1749. When his father, a painter, died, Alessandro was sent, in 1677, from his Genoese home to Milan, where he studied under Filippo Abbiati. He was influenced by Morazzone, Salvator Rosa, Callot, and by the Genoese Castiglione and Valerio Castello. But his own influence on others was greater, especially on Sebastiano and Marco Ricci. Most of Magnasco's life was spent in Lombardy, chiefly in Milan. He was there from 1677 to 1703, and then in Florence for eight years. He was again in Milan from 1711 until 1735, when he was called back to his birthplace by his daughter. He remained in Genoa until his death. Magnasco's paintings are especially prized for their lively compositions, brilliant brushwork, and subtle color harmonies.
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